ETC: It's all about Choice

Essence of Thyme and Cravings provides services and menus customized for your needs. Never "cookie-cutter", we understand that first graders and seniors do not want to eat the same kinds of foods. We take pride in providing the personal attention needed to tailor our menus to the customer's ethnic and cultural preferences as well as special dietary needs with seasonal menus and choice.

We involve diners and meal coordinators in their breakfast, lunch and snack programs through surveys and we listen carefully to that feedback. Both participants and staff enjoy choosing their favorite foods rather than having a standardized menu for all.

ETC takes great pride in preparing customized menus which are:

  • customer-friendly, service oriented, and encourage employee, student and faculty participation. bread
  • nutritious and delicious, using healthy ingredients
  • ethnically varied selections representing your customer base
  • pleasing to both the palate and eye

We prove that nutritious foods can taste good.

"Jocelyn [Dean] just had one of today's lunches, buffalo chicken wrap and she wanted me to let you know that it is DELICIOUS!!! And I just heard the same from 2 other staff."
Carmen, Lunch Coordinator

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Customer Service and Delicious Food are Our Priority - Read what our Customers have to say about ETC's...

Food Delivery

"We have worked with Essence of Thyme for the past several years. Over that time, we found them to be reliable, flexible and very responsive to our needs and special requests. On a daily basis, they produced food of good quality at a reasonable price, feeding children who can be very particular about what they eat.
ETC was also very accommodating during various special events we held, whether an in-house parent conference breakfast, or a large-scale summer cookout for all our staff, our children and their families. Their preparation, service, and clean-up was always done in the nicest of ways with little or no disruption to our program."
Barbara, Program Coordinator

Cafeteria Management

"From the beginning of the day, with your breakfast offerings, through an outstanding lunch, the quality of the food is excellent, the place is neat, organized, and clean, and the service is top notch. The paella you made today actually "pushed me over the edge" to write this message. Outstanding!
I'm sure most of us don't know what it's like to cook for and serve 600 people, but the professionalism and skill of you and your staff are both noticed and appreciated."
Kris, Manager

Terrific Experience

"[ETC] serves delicious food to our seniors, which they greatly enjoy. The service is not only professional but warm and inviting as well. They take the time to get to know the residents' names and preferences which makes it a terrific experience."
Ruth, Director Elder Residential Services


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Cindy Anderson
Director of Food Services
Essence of Thyme and Cravings

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